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"Golly Gee, indeed!"

About the band

The Golly Geewillikers are a hard-hitting politically driven indie punk band hailing from Haverhill, Massachusetts. Though primarily playing fast and aggressive traditional punk, their sound dips into many genres all along the rock and metal spectrum with influences such as Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, The Ramones, and many others both within and outside the punk genre. The band consists of three friends from northern Massachusetts who have played together sporadically since 2016; Cody Care on guitar and vocals, Tom Hannon on bass, and Aaron Bugden on drums. Coming together in the summer of 2021, these three knuckleheads hit the ground running with their first release, Punk Rock Police, dropping in December of 2021. Mixed and mastered by Sean McCormack at Szechuan Studio, Punk Rock Police is the featured single off the band's first five-track EP titled "We're F*cked", which is currently available on all streaming platforms. With the hope of spreading a positive message of equality and togetherness in these strange times we all find ourselves in, The Golly Geewillikers have arrived.